Cumberland County Chess Club

Welcome to the Cumberland County Chess Club Library.
Please take a few minutes to read these instructions.

1. Only members of the Cumberland County Chess Club who are living or working in Cumberland County may check out materials.

2. Only three items may be check out at a time. Members will have two business days to pickup the material after arrrangements have been made. Normally, the material can be picked up at the US Chess Federation building (137 O'Brien Drive, Crossville, TN 38555). However, other arrangements can be made on an individual basis.

3. All items must be dropped off at the US Chess Federation building within three weeks of the date of pickup.

There are two ways to look for materials: Using the library search or browse a category.

If you know the title of something, we recommend you use the search feature to see if we have it. You can base your search on title, category, author, publication date, or publisher. For example, if you want to see what materials we have on the Benko gambit, just type in Benko (typing in Benko gambit might limit your results). Similarly, if you are looking for material on Bobby Fischer, type in Fischer. Too many words will likely limit your results.

The material is categorized by the main topic, not necessarily by title. For example, topics on the Accelerated Dragon would be found in the R - S category for since this topic deals with the Sicilian.

If you find any errors or have any recommendations, please use the correspondence form under the "Contact us" menu option and send your observation to the Internet Coordinator. We greatly appreciate your input.

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