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107 Great Chess Battles 1939 - 1945
A New Era
A Premer of Chess
Akiba Rubinstein: Uncrowned King
Alexander Alekhine: Master of Attack
Alexander Alekhine: My Best Games of Chess 1908 - 1937
American Chess Masters from Morphy to Fischer
Black is Ok Forever!
Bobby Fischer
Bobby Fischer Goes To War
Bobby Fischer: Complete Games of the American World Chess Champion
Bobby Fischer: His Approach To Chess
Bobby Fischer: His Games & His Openings 1960 through 1961
Bobby Fischer: My 60 Memorable Games
Bobby Fischer: Profile of a Prodigy
Bobby Fischer: The Wandering King
Bobby Fischers Chess Games
Boris Spasskys 400 Selected Games
Breaking Through
Finding Bobby Fischer
Garry Kasparov On Great Predecessors Part IV
Garry Kasparov On My Great Predecessors Part I
Garry Kasparov On My Great Predecessors Part II
Garry Kasparov On My Great Predecessors Part III
Garry Kasparov On My Great Predecessors Part V
Garry Kasparov Unlimited Challenge - An Autobiography
Garry Kasparovs Greatest Chess Games Vol 1
Garry Kasparovs Greatest Chess Games Vol 2
Grandmasters of Chess
How to Beat Bobby Fischer
Howard Staunton: The English World Chess Champion
Hypermodern Chess: games of Aron Nimzovich
Impact of Genius
In The Dark
Joel Benjamin: American Grandmaster
Jon Speelmans Best Games
Kasparov - Revolution In The 70s
Kasparov vs Karpov 1975 - 1985
Kasparov vs Karpov 1986 - 1987
Kasparov vs Karpov 1988 - 2009
Kings of Chess
Kramnik: My Life and Games
Laskers Greatest Chess Games 1889-1914
Learn from the Legends - Chess Champions at their Best 2nd Edition
Lenar Murzin: My Selected Games
Leonid Stein: Master of Risk Strategy
Ludek Pachman: Checkmate in Prague
My Life In Chess - GM Eduard Gufeld
Power Chess
Russians vs Fischer
Searching for Bobby Fischer
Selected Writings of William J. Moushey
Su[per Nezh: Rashid Nezhmetdinov
The Art of Bisguier: The Early Years 1945 - 1960
The Bobby Fischer I Knew and Other Stories
The Kings of Chess
The Test of Time
The Unknown Bobby Fischer
The WorldsGreat Chess Games
Victor Bologan: Selected Games 1985 - 2004
Victors Pupols, American Master
Vishny Anand: Chess Super-Talent
Vishy Anand: My Best Games of Chess
Xie Jun: Chess Champion From China

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