Cumberland County Chess Club

Chess Informant
100 Short Cuts to Chess Victory
500 Master Games of Chess
Chess Master vs. Chess Master
Decisive Games in Chess History
Fields of Force - Fischer & Spassky At Reykjavik
Fischer V. Spassky
Fischer vs Spassky The Chess Match of the Century
Journal of a Chess Original
Karpov-Kasparov 1990
Karpov-Korchnoi 1974
New In Chess 1970 - 1982 A: 1.e4
New In Chess 1970 - 1982 B: 1.d4 1.c4 1.kf3
New York International Chess Tournament
Sicilian Love
Solitaire Chess
The Book of Hasitngs International Masters Chess Tournament 1922
The Most Instructive Games of Chess Ever Played
The World Chess Championship Karpov Kasparov Moscow 85
Zurich International Chess Tournament 1953
The World Chess Championship Korchnoi vs Karpov
The World Chess Crown Challenge Kasparov vs Karpov Seville 87

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