Cumberland County Chess Club

Title Category Author Year Publisher
Bird - Larsen Attack Openings Andrew Soltis 1996 Chess Digest, Inc
Birds Opening Openings Andrew Soltis 1973 Chess Digest, Inc
Bishops Opening Openings TD Harding 1973 Chess Digest
Black is O.K. In ? Rare Openings Openings Andras Adorjan 1998 CASSIA Editions
Black is Ok Forever! Players Andras Adorjan 2005 Batsford Chess
Black is Still Ok! Openings Andras Adorjan 2004 Batsford Chess
Blackmar Diemer Gambit Openings Eric Schiller 1986 Chess Enterprises Inc
Bobby Fischer Players Karsten Muller 2009 Russell Enterprises Inc
Bobby Fischer Goes To War Players David Edmonds / John Eidinow 2004 HarperCollins Pulishers Inc
Bobby Fischer Teaches Chess Puzzles Bobby Fischer, Stuart Margulies and Donn Mosenfelder 1966 Bantam Books
Bobby Fischer: Complete Games of the American World Chess Champion Players Lou Hayes 1995 Hay's Publishing
Bobby Fischer: His Approach To Chess Players Elie Agur 1992 Cadogan Chess
Bobby Fischer: His Games & His Openings 1960 through 1961 Players Billy Patteson 1971 Chess Digest, Inc
Bobby Fischer: My 60 Memorable Games Players Bobby Fischer 2008 Batsford Chess
Bobby Fischer: Profile of a Prodigy Players Frank Brady 1973 Dover Publications Inc
Bobby Fischer: The Wandering King Players Hans Bohm & Kees Jongkind 2004 Batsford Chess
Bobby Fischers Chess Games Players Robert G. Wade & Kevin J. O'Connell 1988 Doubleday & Company Inc
Bobby Fischers Outrageous Chess Moves Puzzles Bruce Pandolfini 1985 Simon & Schuster
Boris Spasskys 400 Selected Games Players Sergei Soloviov 2003 Chess Stars Ltd
Breaking Through Players Susan Polgar / Paul Truong 2005 Everyman Chess
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