Cumberland County Chess Club

Title Category Author Year Publisher
An Opening Repertoire For Black Openings Drazen Marovic & Bruno Parma 1987 Batsford Chess
An Opening Repertoire For The Attacking Player Openings Eduard Gufeld 1997 Cadogan Chess
An Opening Repertoire For Whitef Openings Raymond Keene 1984 The Macmillan Chess Library
Anti - Sicilians - A Guide For Black Openings Dorian Rogozenko 2003 Gambit Publications Ltd
Attack With Confidence VHS_Video , , ,
Attacking The King Tactics J. N. Walker 1976 Oxford University Press
B 12 Openings Yasser Seirawan 1993 Chess Informant
B 17 Openings Anatolij Karpov 1994 Chess Informant
Basic Chess Endings Endings Reuben Fine 1941 David McKay Company, Inc
Basic Chess Openings Openings Gabor Kallai 1997 Everyman Chess
Basic Principles of Chess Volume 1 King and Pawn End Game VHS_Video , , ,
Batsford Chess Endings Endings Jon Speelman, Jon Tisdall and Bob Wade 1993 Henry Holt and Company
Batsford Chess Openings Vol 1 Openings Gary Kasparov & Raymond Keene 1982 American Chess Promotions
Batsford Chess Openings Vol 2 Openings Gary Kasparov & Raymond Keene 1989 The Macmillan Chess Library
Beating The Anti - Kings Indians Openings Joe Gallagher 1996 International Chess Enterprises Inc
Beating The French Openings Gary Lane 1994 Henry Holt and Company Inc
Beating The Gruenfeld Openings Anatoly Karpov 1992 Henry Holt and Company Inc
Beating The Petroff Openings Vassilios Kotronias & Andreas Tzermiadianos 2004 Batsford Chess
Beginning Chess Instruction Harry Golombek 1984 Penguin Books
Benko Counter - Gambit Openings David Levy 1978 Batsford Chess
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