Cumberland County Chess Club

Title Category Author Year Publisher
A New Era Players Michael Khodarkovsky and Leonid Shamkovich 1997 Ballantine Books
A Premer of Chess Players J R Capablanca 1935 Harcourt Brace Jovanovich
A Short History of Chess History Henry A. Davidson 1949 McKay Chess Library
A World Champions Guide To Chess Puzzles Susan Polgar / Paul Truong 2005 Random House
Accelerated Dragon Openings Jeremy Silman 1984 Chess Digest, Inc
Action Chess Purdys 24 Hours Opening Repertoire Openings C. J. S. Purdy 2000 Thinkers' Press
Advance and Other Anti - French Variations Openings Lev Psakhis 2003 Batsford Chess
Against The Maroczy Bind Openings Colin Crouch & Alexander Kulagin 1995 Munster International
Akiba Rubinstein: Uncrowned King Players John Donaldson / Nikolay Minev 1994 International Chess Enterprises Inc
Albins Gegengambit - Albinis Counter - Gambit Openings Raetzki & Tschetwerik (Alexander Raetsky & Maxim Chetverik) 1998 Schachverlag Kania
Alekhine Alert! A Repertoire For Black Against 1 e4 Openings Timothy Taylor 2010 Everyman Chess
Alekhines Anti - Gruenfeld Attack Openings Alan Watson 1996 Chess Enterprises Inc
Alekhines Defence Openings R G Eales & A H Willams 1973 Betsford
Alexander Alekhine: Master of Attack Players Alexander Raetsky & Maxim Chetverik 2004 Everyman Chess
Alexander Alekhine: My Best Games of Chess 1908 - 1937 Players Alexander Alekhine 1985 Dover Publications Inc
All Out Attack VHS_Video , , ,
American Chess Journal Magazine Christopher Chabris 1992 American Chess Journal
American Chess Masters from Morphy to Fischer Players Arthur Bisguier and Andrew Soltis 1974 Macmillan Publishing Co, Inc
An Explosive Chess Opening Repertoire For Black Openings Jouni Yrjola & Jussi Tella 2001 Gambit Publications Ltd
An Illustrated Dictionary of Chess General Edward R Brace 1977 Chartwell Books, Inc
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