Cumberland County Chess Club

Title Category Author Year Publisher
Endings-The Essentials VHS_Video , , ,
English Defence Openings Daniel King 1999 Everyman Chess
English Opening (2) Openings , 1995 FideChess Publications
English Opening: Classical & Indian Openings Vladimir Bagirov 1994 Cadogan Chess
English Opening: Symmetrical Openings Vladimir Bagirov 1995 Cadogan Chess
English: Franco, Slav and Flank Defences Openings John L. Watson & R.G. Wade 1981 Batsford Chess
Essential Chess Endings Explained Move by Move Endings IM Jeremy Silman 1992 Chess Digest Inc
Experts vs The Sicilian Openings Jacob Aagaard & John Shaw 2004 Quality Chess
Fianchetto Gruenfeld Openings Adrian Mikhalchishin & Alexander Belyavsky 1998 Cadogan Chess
FIDE Regulations Rules Alfred Kinzel 1986 FIDE
Fields of Force - Fischer & Spassky At Reykjavik Tournament George Steiner 1974 The Viking Press
Finding Bobby Fischer Players Dirk Jan ten Geuzendam 1994 New in Chess
Fing Fianchetto Defenses Openings D Marovic, I Susic 1977 Billing & Sons Ltd
Fischer V. Spassky Tournament CH O'D Alexander 1972 Random House
Fischer vs Spassky The Chess Match of the Century Tournament Svetozar Gligoric 1972 Simon & Schuster
Fischer/Spassky Tournament Richard Roberts with Harold C Schonberg, Al Horowitz and Samuel Reshevsky 1972 Bantam Books
Flank Opening Openings R Keene 1967 The British Chess Magaine LTD
Four Knights and Belgrade Gambit Openings L M Pickett 1976 The Chess Player Ltd
Fourth Book of Chess Black Pieces General Fred Reinfeld 1955 Sterling Publishing Co
Foxy Openings The English Defense VHS_Video , , ,
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