Cumberland County Chess Club

Title Category Author Year Publisher
Chess Master Minds US Vs Russia Match VHS_Video , , ,
Chess Master vs. Chess Master Tournament Max Euwe and Walter Meiden 1977 David McKay Company, Inc
Chess Openings Openings W. R. Hartston 1987 Penguin Books
Chess Openings for Juniors Openings J N Walker 1975 Oxford University Press
Chess Openings: Traps And Zaps Openings Bruce Pandolfini 1989 Fireside Chess Library
Chess Power Pack Software , , ,
Chess Psychology General Angus Dunnington 2003 Gloucester Publishers
Chess Quotations from the Masters General Henry Hunvald 1972 The Peter Pauper Press
Chess Tactics Tactics Alexander Kotov 1983 American Chess Promotions
Chess Tactics For Advanced Players Tactics Yuri Averbakh 1992 Chess Digest, Inc
Chess Tactics For Champions Puzzles Susan Polgar / Paul Truong 2006 Random House
Chess Tactics for the Tournament Player Instruction GM Sam Palatnik & GM Lev Alburt 1995 Chess Information and Research Center
Chess The Easy Way Instruction Reuben Fine 1941 Conerstone Library
Chess Theory and Practice The Elements and the P;ay Instruction W Ritson Morry & W Melville mitchell 1971 Wilshire Book Company
Chess, Stonehenge, and the Bhagavad Gita General Steven Barrett Perkins 1986 Bantam Books
Chessdon General Don Schultz 1999 Chessdon Publishing
Chronos Digital Game Clock Users Guide Manuals DCI 1992 DCI
Classical Nimzo-Indian Openings Bogdan Lalic 2001 Everyman Chess
Colle System Openings George Koltanowski 1984 Chess Enterprises Inc
Combinations in the Middle Game Middlegame I. G. Bondarevsky 1962 ,
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